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I help women of color get out of unmanageable health and wellness routines and into bodies they love and love them back.

I will show you how to create the necessary habits and routines to help you make simple, healthy choices daily and do this whole health and wellness with ease, confidence, and conviction.


Grab my trick to conquering Mondays and creating a Melanin Well week; the MelWell Living Planner.

The stress and overwhelm you feel on Mondays comes from your highllllly ineffective approach to weekend renewal.

Become a weekend warrior by clicking the button below and grabbing the planner. It is FREE and will 100% help you conquer Mondays without sacrificing your entire Sunday. No more Messy Monday Mary. k? k!


Welcome to Melanin Well

I help women of color (and those that love us) get out of unmanageable routines and into bodies they love and love them back!

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